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Imagine never doubting yourself again. You have the confidence to give your clients the ultimate experience that gets them and keeps them raving about you.

Imagine being a part of a community of like-minded Personal Trainers who support each other and are making a difference in the world.

Imagine you have the business savvy to create the lifestyle you want and to not just fly by the seat of your pants.

Do You Even Think it's Possible?

Sadly, many Personal Trainers are just too busy trying to keep their head above water to even consider that anything could be different, that their life and their business could be better.

“Learning as you go” is the nature of this business. In theory there’s nothing wrong with this, but in an industry overflowing with conflicting information and dominated by competing interests, it’s downright overwhelming and intensely isolating.

There's Got to Be a Better Way to do This!

Meet Brenda Adams and Laura Loudon. They've been in the Health, Fitness and Recreation industry for over 20 years. In that time they have experienced almost every aspect of the industry from front line Personal Trainer to Facility Manager to coordinating provincial and national projects.

All of this experience allows them to truly understand the various challenges that Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists and other exercise professionals face both personally and professionally.  They couldn’t sit back any longer and watch Trainers, new and experienced alike, feel overwhelmed and burned out!  They could no longer accept the norm that many exceptional Trainers start to question their passion, their abilities and their career choice.  It’s simply not ok that our industry is losing the type of trainers we need the most!

We've built your perfect solution!

The Personal Training Collective is designed to fix what’s broken and provide a place where great trainers can discover a new way to harness their passion, feed their love of learning, and fulfill their need to be connected and supported by their peers. We've created a one-of-a kind mentorship experience powered by our Continuous Growth System (CGS), a holistic system of mentorship, connection and learning designed to create unstoppable Personal Trainers.



Our member driven approach is designed to address the challenges you're faced with each day and gives you the evidence and tools to build your practice AND your confidence.


We bring in expertise from outside the fitness industry. Hard core business, no assumptions, no bias, no blinders. Marketing, branding, operations…it’s all there.


Our private online community provides a place where trainers discover new ways to harness their passion, feed their love of learning, and be connected and supported by their peers.


We’ve assembled a team of experts who can mentor you through any challenge. With direct access you’ll never have to hunt for quality knowledge or second guess yourself again.


Unlimited access to workshops in our fully automated, mobile-friendly, online Academy. Get CECs at your own convenience with an instant certificate of completion.


Expert calls take place each month on topics specific to areas our members need and want.  Listen live or later and get the answers you need to be unstoppable.

Check Out These Amazing Results...

Get Your Life Back

It can be really hard to feel like you have control of your life as a trainer. Your schedule is usually dictated by your clients with long and fragmented days starting at 5 am and ending at 9 pm, six or seven days a week. If you hit burnout, you’ll struggle to give your clients the kind of experience you can be proud of and will keep them coming back for more. As a member of The Personal Training Collective you’ll have access to two of the best people to give you the tools and support to manage your life and your business, a Life Coach and a Business Coach.

Tammy Berendsen, Purdy's Wharf Fitness

"Brenda taught me how to make time for the things that are most important to me like family, personal creativity, and accountability for my own workouts. I have had the honor of knowing Brenda for over 10 years and she is by far the most sincere, motivational, supportive coach I know."

Drop the Gloves

The Fitness Industry is competitive! Many trainers just don’t feel they can go to other trainers for help, often in fear of being taken advantage of or appearing inadequate. This avoidance causes immense isolation, kills innovation and diminishes opportunity. The Collective’s online community of Trainers and mentors is here to help you build the strong supportive network you need to propel your career forward. No competition. No judgement. We’ve got your back.

Marlene Hibbs, Embodiment Personal Training

"I don’t know where I would be as a trainer right now had I not joined the Personal Training Collective. With all the self-doubt, the fear and the cut-throat nature of the industry, I probably would have thrown in the towel by now and left the work that I absolutely love.

The Personal Training Collective has given me the confidence I need, information I can trust and a support network like none other, so that I can focus on what matters most, training clients and growing my business.

I no longer doubt my abilities, I no longer question if I have the right information for my clients and I no longer fear not having what it takes to build the business I want."

Build your Street Cred

We believe that scientifically-based knowledge is power. To be at the top of your game, in an industry that’s constantly changing, you need to stay up to date on the latest training techniques, motivational principles, nutrition information, self-care practices and exercise contraindications. That's a lot. Our team of experts does the work for you. They stay up to date on all of it, so when you have a question, they have the answer and you look like the rock star.

Help Change Our Industry

We work in an unregulated industry rife with unsubstantiated health claims and unrealistic promises that has contributed to an epidemic of self-hate and stigma. Fortunately there are amazing trainers out there who truly believe that if we conduct our business in a positive and professional manner we can create a much healthier and happier society. The Personal Training Collective provides a community where Personal Trainers can work together to improve our industry’s culture, and become unstoppable in the process!

A Message from our Director of Education

Brian Justin

It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Well it takes a village/community to develop an effective fitness professional. The PT Collective is a community that promotes trainer education, focused business strategies and coaching, nutrition consulting, and a safe place to ask questions. As the Director of Education it is my sincere goal to provide the most cutting edge information in a non-dogmatic fashion. This means looking at evidence-based research, listening to the clinical wisdom of practitioners, and analyzing the case studies that trainers may present. With a wide perspective we cast a wider net to capture the information we need. Applied information becomes the tools we can utilise to promote a physically active population. As a personal trainer, strength coach, and/or wellness coach you are a valuable part of a client’s health care team. They will see you more than they will see their physician! In assuming this responsibility it is on you to stay current to give your client’s the best experience and chance in staying active for life and accomplishing their goals. My three word theme for what you do as a trainer is this:

Awareness – Action – Actualization

The collective is here to help you do just that.

Brian Justin Director of Education, The Personal Training Collective

Access to our year-long mentorship program
is by application only

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There's a few reasons why we use an application process. Yes, there are communities out there where you can just whip out your credit card and join. That's not us, we're different. It's absolutely critical for us to get a sense of where you are now, where do you want to be and what are the things getting in your way. It's only through getting to know more about you that we can actually see if The Personal Training Collective is a fit for you. The last thing we want to do is take your money, have you get into our community and then realize it's not what you need.

We're 100% committed to giving you the tools, strategies and coaching you need to be an unstoppable Personal Trainer. We know that if you participate fully and make a diligent effort to utilize the support, education and mentorship in this community - you will make back the cost of your membership and so much more.

If you’re not experiencing more confidence, connection and growth, we will make sure that you get extra support from our team to help you get there. That's how committed we are to your success!

If you engage with our community, reach out to the experts, and take advantage of the education opportunities and you still don’t see a return on your efforts, then simply let us know within your first 12 months of your membership and we’ll be happy to return your investment, less a $125 processing fee*.

*Note: To help us continually improve we require that you fill out our refund questionnaire before we process your refund.

Here's Your Next Step

Your first step is simple. Book a call with us by selecting "learn more". We get to know you a little bit, you get to know us, and then you can decide if The Personal Training Collective is a fit for you. This isn't a hard-pitch, one-time offer sales call. It's truly about seeing if we can help you. If we can't, we will share any ideas/insights/suggestions we have with you to help you make the next best step for you.

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"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."


Napoleon Hill


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a brand new Trainer, should have more experience before applying? +

Joining The Personal Training Collective when you are just starting your personal training career is one of the smartest decisions you could make. You'll have all the experts you need to help grow your business, work through program design questions, handle difficult client/boss situations and pretty much anything else that comes your way.

I've been in the industry for years, what will I gain from joining the Collective? +

Many of our members are veterans of the industry and have found that The Collective has reinvigorated, re-inspired and reconnected them.

I don't train clients one-on-one anymore but I want to stay connected. Can I join? +

We actually have several members who have joined for that exact reason. Let's face it, you worked hard to get all your credentials, and even though you may not be training clients NOW, you likely want to keep up to date on everything. We make getting your required CECs simple, staying up to date on current trends easy, and who knows, maybe you'll start training clients again. And if you do, we're here to support you with that too.

How exactly do I get direct access to the experts? +

There's a couple of ways. First, we use Facebook for our private community.  We've found this to be more personable; allowing our members and our experts to interact effortlessly and in a more meaningful way.

Second, we offer a variety of live, in-person events for trainers in our mentorship program. These events are at no additional cost.

Do you offer a payment plan? +

Absolutely. We don't want finances to be a barrier for Personal Trainers who are looking for mentors and who want to be a part of our community. We get that everyone's cash flow situation is different.

Once I finish one of the online workshops, how long does it take to get my CECs? +

Hmm, let's see...about 5 seconds. Seriously! Our online academy is completely automated. Once you complete the workshop you do an online quiz (it's marked instantly) and as long as you get 80% of higher your certificate of completion is generated instantly for you to download. Easy peasy. No waiting for quizzes to be part or certificates to be mailed.

Is your business expert a fitness professional with business experience or a dedicated business expert? +

Sometimes great minds think too much alike. That's why our business expert comes from outside the fitness industry.  With no bias, no blinders, no limits she's able to challenge our assumptions and inspire us to innovate.

I already have a business mentor, can The Collective still help me? +

The Personal Training Collective is so much more than just business support. We truly believe in supporting the whole trainer. So if you have a business mentor already, that's fantastic! What we offer is a connected community, industry experts, CECs, live events etc. It's a great compliment for what you are doing already.